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Meditation Class


Every Tuesday



Password: meditate


Join a Container!


Have you ever thought about taking some time to write and reflect on your own life?

Do you often feel disconnected from yourself and others?

Are you looking for answers from books, podcasts, or friends instead of looking within?

Or perhaps you are flat out tired of doing “the work” alone.


Join us in these Group sessions To HARNESS 2020

2020 has been a transformative year and has presented many of us with opportunities to learn & grow in amazing ways - probably in more ways than you even realize.

A "Container " session is going to help you to reflect on the growth that has come from life in 2020. It will help you harness what you’ve learned to move into 2021 with confidence, wisdom, and intention.


These 90-minute sessions give you space and support to really hear yourself.


These group sessions, called a “Container,” begin with participants privately responding to creative, thought-provoking prompts, followed by open space to share insights and exchange ideas. It’s not about giving advice or receiving feedback - it’s simply an opportunity for self-exploration together and in a community. Each Container provides a safe, dedicated space that allows your creativity to flow so that you can find insights from within and create a deeper connection with your True Self, helping you to create a happier and more peaceful life.

Sessions are open and beneficial to everyone so invite people in your household and friends to join in!

Tuesday, December 29 12 - 1:30


To sign up, purchase a session on the plans & pricing page


Passcode: community

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