Welcome To SoulBody Yoga

Welcome To SoulBody Yoga

Mina is the Love inspired proprietor of SoulBody Yoga Studio. She was introduced to yoga in early 1980's by her English teachers at UCLA and began her studies on yoga with Integral Yoga Institute Center (Founder Swami Satchidenanda) in Hollywood, California.

Since then she has been a student to many great yogis such as Shiva Rae, Eric Schiffman, Saul David Rae, Max Strom, John Friend, Expanded Light (Founder Swami Kryananda) and many others. She holds many certificates of completion from different institutions. To name a few: Samudra (Shive Rae's School of teacher training), Expanded Light, YogaFIt, Stott Pilate's, ACE (American Council on Exercise), AFFA (Aerobics & Fitness Association of America and ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association).

Mina has a strong knowledge of anatomy & exercise physiology as well as medical background in her past career. She has been a teacher of fitness & yoga, both privately with individuals and in group settings for many years. Her ambition is to inspire all to energize and heal the Body from within and through movement to encourage peace and true joy of the Mind and Spirit.

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