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Let's find the perfect 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training!

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Embark on a transformative path of self-discipline and humility with Soul Body Yoga. Our 200-hour multi-discipline yoga teacher training aims to deepen your yoga practice and knowledge, nurturing a community of dedicated practitioners. Discover the power of yoga to elevate your best self and ignite your passion for learning beyond the post-class bliss.


We offer guidance towards self-confidence and humility, inviting you to explore yoga's depths through our programs, ranging from 50 to 300 hours, certified by Yoga Alliance. Join us to expand your understanding of yoga's asanas, philosophy, anatomy, and history, and advance your practice as well as your overall health and well-being. Transform Yourself

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200H Transformative Yoga Teacher Training with Mina & Marc

Join Mina & Marc for a Hatha-Ashtanga-Vinyasa 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified teacher training. Experience a blend of ancient yogic teachings with scientific-based approach to body & mind union and how they can be applied in modern life to help yourself and others to transcend the boundaries of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions of being.

  • Introduction to history and Philosophy of Yoga

  • Ancient yogic texts infused with creativity as a way to enter self development journey beyond asana

  • Ancient and modern Meditation techniques

  • Pranayama techniques, Kriyas and science based approach towards breath work

  • The physical/ physiological, mental and energetical benefits of asana

  • Sequencing and Pacing/ balanced practice/ concept of yin and yang energy in yoga class and your own practice, space holding and creating safe container in class

  • Functional and experiential anatomy with focus on how to sense your own body in asana practice

  • Injury prevention and management

  • Hands-on adjustments and assisting techniques with respect towards boundaries

  • Principles of Trauma informed yoga: inclusion & how to create a safe, supportive space for everyone

  • Self-empowerment, self development and healing through yoga practice: chakras system in correlation to human developmental stages, and how we can use it for self development and healing journey

  • Different healing tools which you can use in your self discovery journey

  • Introduction to nervous system regulation

  • Embodied approach to yoga/ somatics/body awareness - how to develop deeper felt sense of self and how it can serve us in creation of fulfilled life

  • Business of Yoga

Who is it for?

The Soul Body Yoga 200-hour Hatha & Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Course caters to devoted students and aspiring teachers. This intensive program demands dedication and promises a profound journey of growth and self-discovery. Full participation is essential for fostering a supportive environment conducive to learning and personal development. The course is open to those seeking personal growth and aims to instill a deep understanding of yoga traditions, blending ancient teachings with a modern, scientific approach to the body-mind connection, healing through movement, and breathwork.

Yoga Mates

What to expect from your Yoga Teacher Training?

Practical Info

Requirement :

Open to every motivated and dedicated practitioners. No experience with yoga needed.

When & Where?

Soul Body Yoga Studio in Moorpark California and part at home study.



10% discount if you sign up before 29 February 2024



Call us with any questions. We'd love to speak with you: 805-231-6356 or send us an email if you have any questions:

Meet Your Lead Trainers Mina & Marc

Soul Body Yoga Mina yoga asana.jpg


Meet Mina, the down-to-earth yoga guru whose journey started at UCLA in her early twenties. Introduced to yoga by her English professors, she found herself drawn to its healing powers after realizing her active lifestyle was causing more harm than good.

Seeking relief, Mina immersed herself in workshops and classes with various yoga masters. Eventually, she completed her teacher training with Shiva Rae, specializing in Vinyasa Flow.

Fast forward 25 years, Mina left her medical career behind to open SoulBody Yoga Studio in 2008—a sanctuary where she continues to evolve and serve others through her passion for yoga.


Marc's yoga journey began in 2006 when his wife, Barbara, introduced him to yoga at their own studio, the Brussels Yoga Loft. With a background in gymnastics, he instantly fell in love with the dynamic practice of ashtanga for its blend of strength, flexibility, and fun.

Guided by the Masters.

Marc has trained with some of the finest names in yoga, including Larry Schultz, the creator of the "Rocket," Kino McGregor, Ashtanga Yoga Paris, and Gerald Burmeister.

Join Marc on a life-defining journey of self-discovery, balance, and joyful transformation! Roll out your mat and let the adventure begin!

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