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Our Story

On Memorial weekend of 2008, SoulBody Yoga opened our doors to the Moorpark community. Our studio has been able to withstand the shaky grounds of the economic crisis in the same year of our establishment. Today after having gone through many challanges with the support of so many of our clients, we are here to stay and continue to serve the community! 

Our mission is our passion- which is to help everyone to realize their utmost potential and at any level:  physically, mentally & spiritually.

What Our

Students Say

"Mina is dedicated to healing others inside and out and her teaching is only to be surpassed by her warmth of spirit. Each class I’ve taken with the variety of instructors has seemed as if it were tailored specifically to my needs. I’m thankful everyday that I’ve found warm, caring healing at SoulBody Yoga."


~ Chris

Meditation by the Sea

My story

I believe that we all have a life purpose from just being a good parent or become a leader in society. My passion was always around staying fit and healthy and encourage and teach others the same.

I left a career in the Medical field once I knew that I was ready to spread my wings and dive into the unknown of running a business.

There is no reason which justifies the fact that being my own boss is any better however one can either choose a job or a joy and doing what you love to do is what matters.